VAI Wholesale and Manufacturing Software Solutions



VAI's S2K Distribution Management Software has emerged as a leading cost-cutting measure for today's most competitive businesses. Our money saving technology gives companies the opportunity to integrate their distribution system and implement long term growth strategies that ensure future success.

VAI's Distribution Software provides powerful information systems to enrich customer service, reduce costs, and deliver a significant return on investment. By putting our innovation to use, companies across the world can now create end-to-end integrated enterprise solutions. As part of the Distribution Software suite, we offer cutting edge inventory management and purchasing applications that equal superior efficiency for your business. VAI’s comprehensive business software delivers consistent returns on your technology investment.

S2K Distribution Includes: Additional Modules: Additional Modules (continued):
Accounts Payable Business Intelligence Finite Scheduling
Accounts Receivable e-Commerce Shop Floor Control
General Ledger Enterprise Portal Product Quality
Customer Orders Retail Point of Sale
Sales Analysis / Forecasting Sales Force Automation
Inventory Management Service and Repair
Purchasing Rental Management
Electronic Data Interchange Manufacturing Work Orders
Warehouse Management Material Requirement Planning
Customer Relationship Management Capacity Requirement Planning


Increasing savings while enhancing performance has never been easier with VAI’s Manufacturing Software. Our enterprise solutions span a broad spectrum of industries to ensure your

business will always have the VAI advantage. Through our in-demand software suites, we deliver enduring savings to companies interested in streamlining operations without sacrificing quality. Effective innovation is now within reach with our S2K Enterprise for Manufacturing Software. Effective manufacturing software is the bedrock for success and now your company can reap the benefits of minimized costs and expanding market share through VAI technology

S2K Manufacturing Software offers streamlined solutions that will address your company’s most pressing challenges. From managing daily operations to augmenting productivity over time, VAI’s products ensure your business will stay at the forefront of innovation. When superior performance and cost savings are top priorities, VAI’s S2K Manufacturing Software promises effective results for the future of your business.

S2K Manufacturing Includes: Additional Modules: Additional Modules (continued):
Accounts Payable Manufacturing Work Orders Business Intelligence
Accounts Receivable Material Requirement Planning e-Commerce
General Ledger Capacity Requirement Planning Enterprise Portal
Customer Orders Finite Scheduling Retail Point of Sale
Sales Analysis / Forecasting Shop Floor Control Sales Force Automation
Inventory Management Product Quality Service and Repair
Purchasing Warehouse Management
Electronic Data Interchange Customer Relationship Management