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VAI's S2k ERP System

ERP Deployment and Customization for State Prison System

VAI S2k/ IBM iSeries


After thorough investigation, a state prison system selected SSI to help them build a foodservice management rewrite and enhance a custom package from 1990. One of the main goals was feeding over 44,000 inmates three meals a day. SSI chose VAI S2K as the backbone to build and perfect an enterprise level solution for planning needs, inventory control, purchasing, and accounting. It encompasses SSI custom applications for Menu, Recipe, Portion Control, and Calendar Management.

This custom module is interfaced into an the ERP package on the IBM i server. It’s completely separate, and knowledge of the ERP package is not required. Simplicity is the key for this piece of work. This description is how it is currently setup, which can easily be changed to fit your requirements.

Forward planning is done based upon the requirements of the schedule to meet delivery of product with the selected vendors. A PO can be cut based upon those requirements taking in consideration of what is currently on hand. Once the goods are ordered and received, they are brought into inventory. The estimated number of servings will determine what is needed from inventory. As items are pulled, adjustments are made to quantity on hand. There may be two locations of storage- warehouse and pantry, or main and kitchen, for instance. Adjustments are also made for overage, spoilage, or damage to product.

Complete history of what has been done is recorded into the ERP system because it follows normal processing. Purchase Order Bids (another module) is also used to solicit pricing from a select group of vendors.

Other features include Dietitian menu planning, creating recipes based upon number of servings and type of meal, inventory, pull sheet, and vendor bid packets, all with a simple user interface into VAI’s S2K ERP system.

Types of Recipes:


  • Normal
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescatarian
  • Religious Preference

Types of portions:


  • Male: full Recipe portion
  • Female: 70% portion of Male
  • Child: 50% portion of Male


Primary Modules


  • Ingredients: maintained as Items
  • Recipe: ingredients for a set number of servings, preparation instructions, and critical care points
  • Menu: is a collection of recipes
  • Schedule: determine what menu or recipes will be served when

Key Benefits

The state department of corrections can estimate, plan, and pull the required ingredients to serve 44,000 meals three times per day across over fifty facilities. Everything is integrated into one ERP system for inventory, accounting, purchasing, and planning.

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