Gift Card Redemption

Gift Card Redemption through POS system on IBM iSeries.

PAR PixelPoint POS / IBM iSeries / DB2


Considered an enhancement to the already existing integration between PixelPoint POS and their IBM iSeries; Martin Wine needed a better process to redeem gift cards through the restaurant system. Previously, cards were redeemed on one screen, then the user would have to “tab” over back into PixelPoint to close the transaction. The process was messy, and allowed for too much user error.

SSI was able to write a custom payment DLL to call a webservice hosted directly on the IBM iSeries. The combination of different technologies is something few companies can deliver. The existing gift card database was custom written on the IBM system in RPG. PixelPoint POS, a Windows application needed a .NET developed DLL to call the webservice. The webservice is hosted and developed directly on the iSeries, and is written in PHP.

The new process allows for customers to directly swipe (or type) a gift card number in which seeks authorization from the gift card database. If authorization is given, the transaction is closed and completed similar to an externally hosted gift card system.

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