Party Booking Website


Laser Tag of Baton Rouge and Metairie

Party Booking Website with customized rules checking.

Wordpress / Custom Plugin


After searching for a party booking web solution for several years, Laser Tag of Baton Rouge and Metairie approached SSI looking for a solution. The client has several unique rules regarding who can book a party and when. For example, the stores can have two consecutive parties as long as the guests ages are within two years of each other. For safety reasons, the facility does not want to host a 12 year old’s party at the same time as a 6 year old.

SSI wrote a WordPress plugin to handle both the front end booking rules and back end management of the facility. Customer choices such as food, beverage and special requests are communicated automatically and viewed in real-time from the website by the facility staff. Credit Cards are processed at the time of booking. Each day the staff can pull up the reservations list and see the details of the day's bookings, number of attendees, food items that were pre-ordered, and other important details with which they need to prepare.



  • Works within existing WordPress installation
  • Custom Rules Setting to meet company policy
  • Backend management of event booking
  • Confirmation Emails to staff and customer
  • Credit Card Payments taken online
  • Add-On items (party trays, pizza, etc.) added at time of booking

Key Benefits

The facility has a custom built solution with no annual or monthly fees that would be incurred by a subscription service. Rules changes, enhancements and ongoing maintenance are done by SSI staff without having to lobby a mass market provider and hope their feature is selected. The customer has been able to implement this solution at both of their locations, which means twice the subscription savings on other solutions available in the market today.

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