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Pharmacy linking web application maintenance and enhancement

Kohana PHP Framework

PROJECT DESCRIPTION is a website developed by pharmacists, for pharmacists. The goal is to provide an efficient, user-friendly method for pharmacies to manage their expensive or slow-moving inventory, thereby reducing overall costs and increasing profitability.

The database links licensed pharmacies, across all practice settings, into an easy-to-use inventory management tool. 

Systems Services was engaged to take over enhancements and maintenance of the system. While we consider ourselves experts in PHP, we had never before worked in this specific framework, Kohana. After thorough research about the future of the framework, and our ability to work within it we took on immediate enhancements that were overdue for completion. The ability to adapt to different technologies, and solve problems is truly our specialty.

Enhancements Include: 

  • Security Enhancements - Better browser session requirements, including automatic logout of stale sessions.
  • Google Analytics - Installation and monitoring of Google Analytics for better development decisions.
  • Enhanced Admin Functionality - Better reporting and account level access by administrators to monitor, view and print transactions.
  • Declining Price Options - When listing a product for sale, the customer can choose to reduce the asking price over time based on a certain percentage. Because medicine has a shelf life, users have the ability to discount the price of medicine before it expires.

TJ Woodard, Pharm.D

Partner |

"Working with SSI has been a pleasure for my team. We are always able to reach out and ask questions, or discuss how we can improve our system. Enhancements are done on time and on budget."

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