Wireless Warehouse Receiving


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Wireless Warehouse Receiving

A+ ERP, Custom


Receiving is done using RF devices.  Items are received by PO. Item no.’s and quantities are verified by using RF devices and staged to be stocked. Items are updated with locations when received. When items are stocked using RF, items and locations are verified. The stocking process automatically posts and completes the receiving process. Once the receiving process begins, management is able to view the process as it is occurring to determine how much receiving is done and how much stocking is left to complete.

Boxing is done with a rolling cart that contains a wireless label printer. As each item is picked, it also is noted as to which box number it is placed in. When the box is closed, the picker prints the contents label, which is placed on the outside of the box. No pick slips are created.  

The receiving and stocking process creates transactions by employee to allow for review of employee performance. The warehouse is segmented by zone. Each zone has history that is used to create pick volumes that can be expected. Because of this, picker performance can be measured against history and minimum levels must be met. Conversely, high performance may merit a bonus. All of this is also a part of tracking mis-picks based upon customer returns, which are also tracked.

Key Benefits

Faster and more efficient warehouse operations with better oversight of realtime processes. Reduction of paper use and the ability to move quickly around the warehouse without having to refer back to paperwork for instruction.

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