A Restaurant POS Built for Restaurant Success

Cloud Based, All-In-One ecosystem

Reporting, Inventory, Gift Cards, Online Ordering, KDS, Kiosk and more.
Access and Manage your restaurant from any device, anywhere in the world.
Mobilize your employees with tablet ordering and payments.


TOAST Cloud POS for Restaurants

Toast is an all-in-one restaurant software platform. Built specifically for restaurants on an affordable cloud-based platform, Toast offers advanced functionality including table-side ordering, quick menu modifications, real-time enterprise reporting, online ordering, and labor management on an easy-to-use interface. Toast’s full-featured platform is used nationwide by restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, and enterprise franchises. What features set Toast aside from other SaaS, Cloud based systems… 


If you take advantage of Toast’s integrated online ordering software, Toast will create a webpage that customers can access on their computers, tablets, and mobile phones to view your full menu, to purchase gift cards, and to order food online. Simply add a link on your restaurant’s website that directs visitors to the online ordering page.



The Toast system has an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) system that captures your customers' contact information and order history. You can use the customer report to see the customers who have visited your restaurant the most or spent the most amount of money in any timeframe. By selecting an individual customer, you can view detailed information about the guest like their average check, days since last visit, and most frequently ordered items.


The pay at the table experience is revolutionary. Now, guests don’t have to say goodbye to their credit card as servers whisk it to a terminal; instead, they can pay, sign, and tip right at the table using our tablets. Our software also allows guests to rate their experience and join your loyalty program within that same interaction.


Is there really room for innovation on KDS?  We said yes.  Customize your entire kitchen workflow and keep chefs organized with an intuitive KDS.  Segment takeout, delivery, and store orders, and keep chefs on track with a time that prioritizes outstanding orders.  Green items don't need to be made right away, but Red items need to get out to the customers now.  Simply press a button to alert servers when an item is ready, voila, communicaiton is no longer one-sided!  Test these KDS screens could be your secret sauce.


Toast provides restaurants the option to offer both digital and branded physical gift cards. For traditional plastic gift cards, Toast will completely customize, print, and program the cards to integrate with your system. Digital gift cards simply require guests to provide their email or phone number (which is automatically stored in the Toast Restaurant CRM) and select the amount they want to purchase. The digital gift card will be emailed or texted to the intended recipient.




Toast makes it very easy for customers to opt in to restaurant loyalty programs right at the table or counter. When they pay and sign for their meal on the Toast tablet, they can simply check a box on the screen to opt in to your loyalty program. 

Get Restaurant Business Insights From Anywhere

With real-time restaurant sales dashboards, in-depth loyalty and gift card reports, and even restaurant inventory software, Toast is more than just a restaurant POS system: it’s an all-in-one restaurant management solution.

Even when you’re not in the restaurant, you can make data-driven decisions when viewing restaurant sales reports, menu reports, and even customer reports from your laptop, tablet, or phone. 

Customize Your Setup

Choose any combination of 10, 15, and 22 inch screens to outfit your restaurant with wall-mounted kitchen display screens and expediter screens. The screens complement kitchen printers if you would like a combination of the two.

Route Orders to Specific Screens

Configure routing preferences for KDS screens just like kitchen printers. Designate which stations and kitchen printers receive orders based on item type or category settings. 

Require Two Level Order Fulfillment

This feature is designed to enable the use of two kitchen display systems to optimize your workflow: the KDS and the expediter screen. The first-level fulfillment comes from the kitchen’s KDS, when the order is created. The second-level fulfillment comes from the food runner’s expediter screen, when orders are actually delivered to the table, making both parties accountable.

On-Screen Notifications

Servers can receive notifications right on their terminal or handheld devices when their orders have been filled by the kitchen, so guests receive their food as soon as it’s ready.

Track Tickets and Fulfillment Times

View all of the open tickets on the restaurant kitchen display screens, mark tickets as completed, and track how long it takes to fill each order. Even set thresholds so tickets turn yellow or red to call attention to orders that are not marked as filled within certain timeframes.


Offline Mode: Never Stop Service

When we install Toast at your restaurant and train your staff, we also build a full and secure network. However, Toast is capable of functioning fully in offline mode should the wifi ever go down. Say goodbye to the days of stressing out about your internet connection: with offline mode, you can take orders, process credit cards, and open cash drawers easily. 



No Downtime for Upgrades

Because Toast's restaurant software is always improving, we offer free monthly software upgrades. However, you never have to worry about downtime. You don't even have to go around to reboot each device individually. Toast's upgrades can be downloaded and installed immediately, with no impact on your ability to serve guests.

We love the process of creating systems.

Whether you need to manage one restaurant or an entire chain Toast POS is built to scale. Our passion is listening to clients ideas, thinking through processes, and coming up with creative designs. Most Importantly, we keep it simple.