Third Party Enterprise Applications

SSI has experience with multiple enterprise add-on packages and interfaces that run on the IBM i. Here are a few that we recommend. Our clients also bring us their specific applications that we will work with to implement. Give us a shout to see what we can do for you!

Avalara  / Sales Tax Collection and Reporting

Avalara developed a complete sales and use tax system covering all 50 states. Avalara maintains a tax database updated for all states. Special local exemptions can also be added. The premier sales tax solution is now Avatax- check it out on their website. 


BCD / Modernize Legacy Applications

The web has certainly turned things inside out for the better. If you maintain a System i environment, BCD has the tools to create not only interactive web sites of the highest functionality, but also can modernize the existing “green screen” applications your have. These offerings also have minimum impact on performance! We use WebSmart at select locations also.


Curbstone / Credit Card Processing

Providing PCI Compliant credit card processing software for the System i, they provide support 365/24/7 to their many clients, large and small. With new technology and a US based staff, Curbstone pioneered the credit card on the AS/400 in the beginning. The total solution provides many of the features and needs businesses of all sizes require with in depth reporting.


GXS / Electronic Data Interchange

Providing the critical link between dealer, distributor and manufacturer, Inovis has the total world of EDI managed well. If you are considering EDI, this is the one to go with.


Optimum Solutions / Payroll, HRM, Time & Attendance

These guys are the last word when it comes to a personnel system. A total solution covering all facets of your personnel management, integrated with super support. A very well written and flexible offering. with top notch support. It's available in the cloud, IBM i and Microsoft platforms.


Quadrant / Fax

One of the oldest providers of solutions for the IBM System i, Quadrant provides the premier fax interface along with a paperless processing management suite of applications to smooth your office staff. Flexibility to handle Microsoft Word, PDF, and images all in one jobstream! Knowledgeable support staff, US based! 


Softshare / Electronic Data Interchange

Offering premier data transformation software solutions for large, multinational organizations with thousands of electronically enabled trading partners to small companies just beginning an e-Commerce program. The software has XML capabilities, allowing you to grow your community by trading with non-e-Commerce enabled partners as well. With these software packages, you can: Administer all transactions from one place, bring new trading partners up with ease, Leverage the power of the Internet, enable non-e-commerce capable partners and simplify your ERP integration- all at a surprising price.


Varsity Logistics / Shipping- Multi Vendor

If you are shipping with multiple vendors on the IBM i, this is the solution set for you: USPS, FedEx, DHL, Bax Global, Purolator, OnTrac and UPS all under one roof, from one vendor. GO with the leader, go with Varsity!


UCG Enterprise Cloud Backup, DR & H/A

United Computer Group provides Tier 1 services for the IBM i and Microsoft servers regarding online and bare metal backup, disaster recovery with a hot site option and standby server, and hosting if you decide you'd like to not have a system onsite. If you choose this option, there would be no more updates, upgrades, PTF applications, and other overhead associated with having your own hardware in house.


Works Right Software / Address Management    

Since 1992, they have provided a USPS Certified solution for the IBM i to clean and manage addresses within your system. With monthly updates and easy to use software, Per Zip is a super application to make certain you have an accurate shipping address, especially for those of you that ship across the country. We have interfaced it with Order Entry and Web applications to validate addressing for third party shipping rates.


VRTech Off The Shelf IT

IBM i integration for Excel, Document Management, Forms, and Microsoft Office integration. Amazingly the software requires NO MODIFICATIONS! It's just simplicity for green screen that I have not seen anywhere. Each install takes about an hour. Yes, it's true! Schedule a demo and be amazed!