POS Integration


Martin Wine Cellar

Two-way integration between Martin Wine Cellar's POS and ERP software.

PAR PixelPoint POS / Infor A+ ERP


When Martin Wine Cellar decided it was time for a new restaurant Point of Sale system, the list of requirements was long. Setting aside the restaurant functionality you would expect (order management, fast payments, menu management, etc.) the biggest concern of the company was how they could easily and reliably report that data in to their IBM iSeries ERP system, A+. Likewise they wanted a solution that would not require double entry of price changes or new products between the two independent databases.

Having worked with SSI for a few years on other modifications to A+, it was a natural fit to use SSI to provide the restaurant POS as well. A first of its kind (that we know of) integration between PixelPoint POS and A+ ERP was put under development.

Each night, four Martin Wine Cellar locations export and deliver detailed transaction data directly into the Offline Order Entry module of A+. The transaction data is reviewed by the system, and any exceptions are held for MWC employees to review before processing.

The integration is not just one directional. Each night the entire price list is matched between the two systems to ensure that the retail prices of both food and bottled wine are current. If the purchasing manager decides that a PLU needs to be increased or decreased they only make the change in the ERP system, and it will be sent to PixelPoint POS automatically.

Key Benefits

By having all of the their enterprise transactions in one place, the staff and management can evaluate their entire business within one application. Promotional data including coupons, specials, employee discounts, etc are all accounted for and searchable directly within the company's ERP system. Many restaurants face the task of manual daily journal entries to capture their POS transactions within their overall accounting system.

The bi-directional nature of the interface allows for time sensitive pricing data, promotions, or new items to be immediately provided to the retail storefront without requiring double entry into the two systems. This allows corporate control of the retail price data, updated daily.

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