Expertise in ERP Deployment, Application Development, Integration, Support.

Stand alone or fully ERP integrated.
Expansion of Joomla and WordPress plugins for any purpose vertical.
Experienced in creation of customer and vendor portals with application integration.
Single or multiple warehouse management solutions with realtime QOH.
UPS and FedEx integration, as well as Truck Routing.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management helps to save space, automates putaways, and minimize time in handling materials. Scheduling arrivals, cross docking, and labor management may also be a part of the feature set. SSI will help you to manage real time QOH, expected arrivals, over-stock and back-stock. The result is perfect order and fulfillment accuracy.

Key Benefits

1. Space saving
2. Automatic putaway
3. Can assist with FIFO / LIFO method
4. Suggested Moves

Paperless Warehouse

Pick Tickets, Inventory Moves and Physical Counts were should no longer be done on paper. This requires additional personnel to gather the forms and enter them. It also means delayed status updates on the warehouse activity. SSI offers Wireless Handheld Order Entry, Picking, Receiving, Physical Inventory, Moves, Inquiry, Order Fulfillment to your ERP system.

Entry is done at the time of the event, which is completely real time. Status of orders is available immediately. Wireless rolling cart goes where the picking is. Container contents is retained and found on the box sticker, printed on the rolling cart. Now the warehouse operates like clockwork, guided through the steps by the RF unit. Each picker and fork lift operator is monitored by the warehouse manager (order and line item), all the while gathering statistics on his or her performance toward payroll bonuses. This has reduced staff requirements, allows for establishing picking targets by warehouse zone and at the end of the day, each picker knows how they performed.

EDI Implementation

EDI has been touted as an industry standard. If you have ever worked to implement, you understand quite clearly how time consuming this process is. Vendors have different ways of handling data, communication anomalies, and a myriad of other unforeseen issues that will occur. SSI is experienced in the integration of the process and will make it very seamless for your staff.

Vendor Drop Ship

Customers sometimes get their orders directly from your vendors. This can be a boon to both of you, of course. To minimize manual steps, it should be highly automated. SSI has made this simple for both the customer placing the order and the purchasing agent. The purchase order is placed with the vendor via their preferred method of correspondence; EDI , PO Email, PDF, or Fax.

When the vendor sends shipment confirmation, it’s invoiced for the proper amount and it’s done! No inventory space or capital is tied up, the customer got the items, and the invoice went out. Finally, multiple vendors are supported in a single customer order.

We help our clients to minimize staff requirements by automating repetitive tasks. With the pressures of today’s competitive environment, it’s paramount to keep the workforce doing what they should be active with, not a bunch of manual efforts.

Technical Components

  • Customer Input
  • Individual Vendor Connection Preferences
  • SSI Programming Staff
  • VAI S2K or Infor A+

Technical Components

  • RPG
  • PHP
  • Web Portals
  • Shopping Carts

Price Book Management

In the Wholesale Distribution business, price is not always as simple as one size fits all. Because price books have to be maintained for different volume among customers, regional forces, and promotional periods Pricelist Management is a critical factor. SSI has over thirty-seven years of experience in helping customers to manage the intricacies of multi tier pricing for different customers.

We have created a Vendor Price Management module that enables you to easily define the incoming spreadsheet price file from the vendor and have it then update the desired price and/or cost fields in the files you choose. Changing selling price based upon list or cost at various price levels is set with parameters for subsequent recall. This module can fit most any files that run on the i.

We have experience both developing these pricing schemes in the backend of ERP as well as bringing the correct pricing to a customer or sales rep’s web browser. Maintaining, and displaying the correct price for the correct time and quantity is critical to high customer satisfaction and operational transparency.

We love the process of creating systems.

Whether you need to build a custom solution or install one of our packages SSI is here to build efficiency in your operation. Our passion is listening to clients ideas, thinking through processes, and coming up with creative designs. Most Importantly, we keep it simple.